Monday, September 17, 2007

Jury awards family $600,000 in bias lawsuit against Denny's

A federal jury has awarded $600-thousand in damages to a family that sued the Denny's restaurant chain for racial discrimination.
Why doesn't Denny's serve people of color? Maybe it's, why does Denny's only hire people who discriminate against people of color?
You'll notice there are only white clouds in that pic.

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John said...

That award is fucking ghey. It is just proof our judicial system is messed up and being prayed upon by profiteers.

The family of 15 was racially discriminated against by 1 waiter...1 waiter. Denny's wasn't sued because the entire restaurant staff ignored them; they were sued because 1 waiter was slow in service.

Why didn't 1 of the 15 go to the manager, better yet why didn't they fucking leave and go somewhere else that offers better service?

This is a simple case of a group of people making themselves victims in order to profit.

Ironically it reminds me of when I stayed in Shreveport, LA on business. I went to Dennys (wanted breakfast for dinner) to place a togo order and the four black waitresses at the from counter ignored me for 15 minutes. Every time I spoke up they said in a minute. I complained to the manager and walked across the street to a diner and had a terrific meal. Why didn't I sue you ask. Cause I am a fucking adult.