Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dropping completely out, Michigan and Florida State

This weeks Rankings are slowing coming out.
The Coaches Poll is up as of the exact time of this post.
And as expected Florida State and Michigan have dropped completely off the Top 25.
How about that?
Sooners up two to 6th, after stomping the anemic North Texas Mean Green into the turf at Memorial Stadium, facing rarely unranked Miami this weekend.
Texas down three to 7th, after only hanging 3 TDs on Arkansas State, facing Texas Christian next.
West Virginia up two, facing Northwestern School of the Blind Marshall.
Wisconsin up two, facing UNLV (I didn't even know they had a football team).
Florida up three, facing Troy (surely Troy will bring some friends to play, and I know, "stop calling me Shirley").
Florida State in a tough loss last night drops out of the Top 25 from a ranking of 19th.
And as everyone in the English speaking world is aware Michigan dropped from 5th to completely out of the poll. They still received 132 votes though.

I heard a rumor that Gators wear jean shorts.

That just cracks me up.


Fritz said...

OMG I want to go back to school and go to OU!
FFS That looks like some WONDERFULLY Tasty and great funbags there. O_O

Anonymous said...

Sorry, unrelated.

I saw this and thought of you instantly.


OkieRover said...

Wait...who do I owe Boddingtons too?
CRAP did I forget a bet?
HElp an old guy out.