Tuesday, September 4, 2007

China hacked into Pentagon computer network: report

BEIJING (AFP) - China's military successfully hacked into the Pentagon's computer network, raising fears it could disrupt the US defense department's systems, the Financial Times reported Tuesday.
"The PLA has demonstrated the ability to conduct attacks that disable our system," the paper quoted a former US official as saying.
Just a friendly reminder from the Peoples Liberation Army that any doors left unlocked will be entered and your daughters computer systems molested.


Nehura said...

All of a sudden, China is such a villain? Y'all never seemed to have such a problem with the country when they bought up your plummeting debt. Atrocities happen in China all the time: freedom trampled, people disappearing just for the fact of publicly disagreeing with the Party, inhuman work conditions, etc. Iraq and Iran have never been a major threat to the US in comparison to China. For a country that has fought fanatical against communism for decades ... I always thought how odd it was that the US was so friendly with China.
Meh, yet another thing I have no control over in the grand scheme of things.

OkieRover said...

I have a problem with them.
They hold 1 trillion in US currency. Just...holding it.
And I have never liked the fact that we are so dependent on their trade. If a trade war broke out with them the economy of the world would fold.
It is odd how we've been buddy buddy with them and they are the exact opposite of our political system.
We bailed them out of WW2 and propped their economy up during rough times. And now they are our daddy as far as the economy goes.
It's scary. And it's totally insane to think we could "fight" them in a war. It would be a complete waste of time.