Thursday, August 9, 2007

What goes around, comes around

WASHINGTON - Whites are now in the minority in nearly one in 10 U.S. counties. And that increased diversity, fueled by immigration and higher birth rates among blacks and Hispanics, is straining race relations and sparking a backlash against immigrants in many communities.
The biggest changes in were in Orleans Parish, La., home to New Orleans. The share of non-Hispanic whites in Orleans Parish grew from 27 percent in 2005 to 34 percent in 2006, while the share of blacks dropped from about 68 percent to 59 percent.
Nationally, the number of minorities topped 100 million for the first time in 2006 — about a third of the population. By 2050, minorities will account for half of U.S. residents, according to Census Bureau projections.
I wonder if this will eliminate the use of "minority". Who is truly a "minority" when the former minorities are the majority? Maybe someday in my life time men and women will be judged on their merits as people and not by the color of their skin.


=HPSF=Jarhead said...
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=HPSF=Jarhead said...

Thank god for Maine and Wisconsin. Keeping the white man strong. j/k.

As for Orleans Parish, it is not surprising whites have increased while blacks left. Most black neighborhoods around New Orleans were destroyed and the people who lived in those areas won't lift a finger to rebuild them. It was easier to move to another city on the Govt rather than fix their own hope.

Plus with the amount of construction needed I am surprised the Hispanic ratio is not way up.

I guess that "Chocolate City" idea isn't working out.