Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Van Halen, Roth to announce tour next week

NASHVILLE (Billboard) - Van Halen will announce a 50-date American reunion tour with original singer David Lee Roth during a news conference in Hollywood next week, sources said. Roth, who split from the rock group in the mid-1980s in hopes of solo stardom, will reunite with co-founders Eddie Van Halen on guitar and brother Alex Van Halen on drums. Eddie's teenage son Wolfgang will sub for Michael Anthony on bass.
Eddie's out of rehab! and wants to tour with David Lee Roth? Wow that musta been some rehab. Good work guys.


a.c.york said...

in my humble opinion, Van Halen (with Roth) was arguably the best rock band of their time...unfortunately i believe that time has come and gone. as a fan, i almost don't want them to ever get back together. because i can't imagine them sounding as good as they once did and i can't imagine them performing better than they used to.

OkieRover said...

Fueled by booze, drugs, and sex...wait
Sadly I am of nearly the same age as these guys and the years have not been kind to them. Too much booze and drugs and heavy living have made them just hollow shells of what they once were.
I saw the first KISS reunion tour. And for about 25 minutes they were KISS. But after the show was nearly over you could tell they were exhausted. Peter Criss had to be helped down the stairs.