Thursday, August 9, 2007

Trouble at Playboy Mansion

he Los Angeles Police Department is investigating an allegation of sexual assault at the Playboy Mansion, the famed site of unabashed hedonism for more than 30 years.
To say the reporter "fluffed up this piece" would be an understatement.
So to get to the bottom of it. Here's what happened.
The incident at Hefner's annual Midsummer Night's Dream party on Saturday night involving a woman hired to work as a server and her ex-boyfriend.
The woman has a restraining order against the man, and she alerted Playboy's security personnel after the man tried to talk to her, Hilburger said.
The man, who had been on the guest list, was then escorted off the property, he said.
So if you talk to a woman who has a restraining order against you, that's sexual assault?
Ummmm, okay. Good to know. If I'm ever in Kalifornia, at a party, that a woman that has a restraining order against me, is also attending. You know that happens all the time to me.
I'll bet you were expecting a picture like this.

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=HPSF=Jarhead said...

I hate reporters, especially CBS and AP.

Thank god for places like DDDN.