Thursday, August 23, 2007

Texas executes 400th inmate

HOUSTON, Texas (Reuters) -- Texas, which leads the nation in carrying out the death penalty, has executed the 400th person since the state resumed capital punishment in 1982.
Johnny Ray Conner, 32, who was convicted in the shooting death of a convenience store owner in Houston in 1998, was on Wednesday the 21st man put to death by lethal injection in Texas this year.
Be sure and cry for the convenience store owner he shot.


John said...

I am glad to see Texas is still taking a firm stance on executions.

I say bring back the Sunday afternoon gallows. That would stop a bunch of this "Thug Life" crap going on.

Fritz said...

True that! This is how justice should be. When you take a life unjustified, you deserve to die. Glad to see Texas follows through.

Jackal said...

"Flip da switch"

I am all for the sunday gallows. Hell it could be the halftime show.