Friday, August 31, 2007

North Wins

Norman North 42, Norman High 24.
It was a great game. The story does tell you that we handed them all the field position they got. Our mistakes are what allowed them to score.
We dominated the line.
All in all it was a great night.
Some controversy is brewing in Norman town. After a decade of "open transfer", meaning any student can attend any school. When we openned Norman North most of the talented players in football, basketball, etc. Transferred to Norman High. They had established coaches and winning records. That left North short of talented players and our teams struggled, causing the football team to have 4 coaches in 5 years.
Now we have talented coaches and the talented players want to play for them. As you read in the story Chika Madu transferred to North as well as 3 other key players. The number one reason I heard from parents last night for the transfers: North coaches help the kids with the college recruiters giving them more opportunites after high school.
So with this situation brewing...Norman High is now calling for a "no transfer policy". Isn't that ironic and pathetic all wrapped into one. I have never liked the policy. Dating back to our first child attending North in it's second year of existance. And now allowing kids to jump from team to team is ridiculous. But it's good that High is getting a taste of it's own medicine.

Now after you have read all that. I'll answer a couple of questions with just the answers.
YES. We are passionate about our sports in Oklahoma.
YES. We probably take it too seriously.
YES. Football is a religion in Oklahoma, just like in Texas.

Have a good long weekend.

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Fritz said...

congrats north!!!
Isn't that how it works, once they stop benefiting from the policy they demand change.