Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mississippi, you're number 1!

JACKSON, Miss. - Mississippians need to skip the gravy, say no to the fried pickles and start taking brisk walks to fight an epidemic of obesity, experts say. According to a new study, this Deep South state is the fattest in the nation.
It also became the first state to crack the 30 percent barrier for adults considered obese, with West Virginia and Alabama just behind, according to the Trust for America's Health, a research group that focuses on disease prevention.
Colorado was the skinniest state...at 17.6 percent. That figures...damn dirty hippies and their wheat germ paste diets.
You know Faith Hill is from Mississippi, and she's kinda skinny. Maybe that's because she doesn't actually live in Mississippi.

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Fritz said...

Yer just jealous of our hot bods!