Thursday, August 23, 2007

Heat may melt away Metro's snow days

Metro Nashville schools may have to account for the classroom hours lost this week to the blazing heat — using snow days.
School officials have been holding half-days all week due to three-digit temperatures and broken air conditioners at some schools.
Air conditioners? air conditioners? Back in the olden days....we didn't have air conditioners in our schools. And guess what? Yeah, we still went to school. I remember one year when the water line to the school was busted. They let us out at 2:00pm. But that was only because the school didn't have water. Guess what, yeah the football team still held practice at 3:30pm that day. Water was out 2 days. And they let us out at 2:00pm both days.

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John said...

We didn't have A/C in Kansas City and never got out for heat. It was called opening the windows and dealing with it.

Also snow days...WTF are snow days.