Friday, August 24, 2007

Drill sergeant faces 225 abuse charges

SAN DIEGO - A Marine drill instructor has been charged with 225 criminal counts connected to abusing recruits, a Marines spokesman said Thursday.
Two other drill instructors, Sgt. Robert C. Hankins and Sgt. Brian M. Wendel, face special courts-martial in the case, the Marines said. Arraignment dates have not been scheduled for either Marine.
Glass postponed making a plea during a court appearance at San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot, where he worked, said spokesman Austin Mansfield. The charges include 91 counts of assault, 90 of failure to obey lawful orders and 27 of cruelty and maltreatment.
Glass, who had worked as a drill sergeant for less than a year when the alleged mistreatment occurred, was relieved of duty as a drill instructor in February. He is scheduled to go to court-martial Nov. 8.
Damn! I thought for sure they would say this was Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Faulkner. And the date would be June 1, 1982 through August 22nd, 1982. I don't have to tell any of you Marines how hard Marine Corps Boot Camp is. This was an everyday other day occurrence during my Boot Camp experience.
And each and every Marine that experienced it would tell you it made them harder more able to cope. Well, maybe not the 6 guys that drowned in 1956, and the one guy that died while running in my series, but most.

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John said...


Part of going through boot or OCS is having a pissed off DI's yelling and spitting at you. It made you work harder and be a better Marine.

Plus, what kind of career could you possibly have after being a whistle blower during boot? I will give the tattling recruits one thing, you gotta have balls to complain a DI is mean.