Thursday, August 23, 2007

'Barbie bandit' pleads guilty

Likening her story to the parable of the prodigal son, Heather Lyn Johnston's supporters hope that a Cobb County judge will spare her a prison sentence for her involvement in a February bank heist in Acworth.
Johnston made a tragic mistake, they told Superior Court Judge Mary E. Staley. But since her arrest on theft and drug charges, she has turned her life around, earning high praise from her boss at a vacuum cleaner sales company.
Yeah, she's turned her life around. You've got to be kidding me. SHE ROBBED A BANK. If they let her skate on this, everyone will use that excuse. And from the looks of her picture, she's gonna be very popular in prison.

The judge has deferred her sentence until after the trial of the other defendants.


John said...

I watched this girls story on Dataline. She is not a little angel. She left a nice home and family to move in with a fellow stripper. She got involved with a couple of low lifes and into drugs. She knew what she was doing was wrong and even commented on how they only did it cause of the inside man, whom neither knew.

And the defense saying "Theft" charge is BULLSHIT. It was BANK ROBBERY. If it was you or I we would be facing an easy 5-10.

Jackal said...

Oh you can bet she will be facing 5-10 -- Bitches lining up at her cell door