Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bad news Beckham hurt again

CARSON, Calif. - David Beckham limped onto the makeshift stage and had a second-place medal hung around his neck.
Once again. SuperLiga is a lot more important than that silly MLS league the Galaxy belongs to.
Andre Canales has a good point.
I just hope all these injuries don't slow down his modeling career.

But DD, if you are a Chicago Fire fan, why is this 'bad news'?
That's an excellent question. While I hope the Galaxy finish dead last every year, I don't hate them as much as FC Dallas who can all DIAF. But back to the question, why this is bad. It's bad for soccer. People pay good hard earned money to watch him play. He is a brilliant player. I love to watch him kick. It is truly amazing how much better the international player is than our own domestic product. He brings a lot to American Soccer. To watch the Galaxy use him like Cleveland used Jim Brown is just sad.

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Fritz said...

GO RAPIDS! Ummm yeah...