Friday, July 20, 2007

What's wrong with America?

Bar exam was the test of time
Paulina Bandy couldn't fail the state bar exam again.
Not after she failed 13 times before.
Not after she had spent tens of thousands to attend law school. Not after she put her husband Jon Gomez through the ringer for so many years. Not after the debt she piled up forced her family to move into a 365-square-foot home.
This is exactly what's wrong with America. The very fact that she could take the test 14 times should tell you something about the profession itself. Would you hire a lawyer if you knew it took them 14 tries to pass the certifying exam?
And the stress she put her family through for 8 long years, how could she ever earn enough money working as a lawyer to pay the debt of the school back?
And here is the best part....she's not even going to practice law.

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Jason said...

This is def. whats wrong with america these days. 14 times!!! I wouldn't let her handle a jaywalking ticket for me.