Monday, July 9, 2007

The Summer of Love

A man and a woman shot at a west Oklahoma City intersection early Sunday morning managed to drive to a nearby store to get help from police.
You might ask, "a shooting, why is this news DD? This crap happens everyday."
That's a very fine observation my good reader.
Well while it might be true that shootings happen everyday where you live but they really don't in Oklahoma City. But this summer we have had quite a few. So I've named this summer, "The Summer of Love".
Just last week two police officers shot and killed a man they were seeking for a vandalism complaint.
Read that story here. With video goodness.

Once they had him in custody he attempted to elude police. And during the attempt to arrest him and he decided to try and take one of the cop's guns. So the other cop shot him dead. About 10-15 friends and "family" members had gathered and were trying to prevent the arrest.
From the police statement: It is now known that Ware had two outstanding Felony Oklahoma County Warrants. One (CF06005657) for Failure to Appear in a Attempted Aggravated Eluding a Police Officer, Possession of an Offensive Weapon while Committing a Felony, Possession of CDS with Intent to Distribute and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia case. The Second (CF03006197) for a Violation of Suspended Sentence in a Trafficking Cocaine, and Possession of CDS case. It is believed that the warrants are the reason Ware tried to escape officers and resisted arrest.
When the news crews came to interview people for their story, they were pleased to find the dead felon's sister. Who asked the cameras, "what am I supposed to tell my nephew? his daddy is dead."
Well I tell ya what you tell him. Tell him his "daddy" was a gun totting drug dealing felon. And he was shot dead because he was attempting to shoot a police officer dead.

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=HPSF=Jarhead said...

I am sick and tired of certain groups of people crying foul when one of their scumbag lowlife felons gets popped by cops.

All of his "family" members who attempted to stop the arrest should be cited/arrested as well.

Everyone knows you grab a cops gun in front of his partner you are going to get shot.

Its a simple cause and effect. The fact the new agencies are running "Poor drug felons death...bad cop" stories is bullshit.