Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A snapshot of America

Here is a Pew snapshot of America. Some Highlights.
56% - Support Stem Cell Research
I support it. And I'm a Christian. I think there is a lot to learn and many cures will come from cell research.

38% - Americans Living Comfortably
I would have thought this was higher.
69% - Northeastern Flag Flyers
I can defend my fellow plains dwellers on this one. Flags are expensive. And typically only last one good thunderstorm before they start looking like rags. I have to buy a new one nearly every year.

49% - Intensely Patriotic Americans
I also fall into this block.
57% - Going to the Dogs… and Cats
Dogs > cats...always.
There are many more stats with links on this story. Where do you fit in?


=HPSF=Jarhead said...

Holy Shit I love that picture. :)

The other stuff was nice too.

Fritz said...

What other stuff..there is a story attached to that pic???