Friday, July 13, 2007

Ken Burns presents World War 2

At one location in the Los Angeles area yesterday, Ken Burns was speaking about his new documentary, The War, which further chronicles World War II and the struggles of the so-named Greatest Generation.
Burns, whose other famous works include The Civil War (1990), Baseball (1994) and Jazz (2001), described The War as a 61/2-year labour of love. The result is a 14-hour-plus landmark documentary that will debut on PBS on Sept. 23 -- that's 17 years to the day after Burns' The Civil War debuted.
I frickin' can't wait!!!! And I won't miss any like last time cause I have DVR. Yeah!

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=HPSF=Jackal said...

I'm with you DD this will be great.
I am looking to interview two guys at my gym about their WWII experiences. Both are Marines. One was station on a ship in the Pacific and the other was a flam thrower on Iwo Jima.

This all came about when I saw a section of the paper about this guy wanting record WWII history and post it on YouTube