Monday, July 2, 2007

Get caught cheatin' in Wisconsin? That's a stabbin' with a butter knife

July 1, 2007 (GREEN BAY, Wis.) - An 18-year-old woman is scheduled to appear in court Friday on charges that she stabbed her ex-boyfriend in the nose and chest with a butter knife.
A felony count of mayhem against Megan Harrison of Neenah was modified to include a charge of domestic abuse as a repeat offender. The mayhem charge carries a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison and a 100-thousand-dollar fine.
If I'm gonna get a felony I think Mayhem is the one I want. It's much more friendly sounding, not like that Felony Attempted Murder. But then again, who ever said, "I'm gonna kill you with a rusty butter knife!" and meant it?

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|DS|Shotgun said...

It's all becuase he told her that his dick feels like corn...ooooh butter me up baby....