Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Frisbee Throwin' PDGA update

Fritz is currently 10 down after the first round. He's in pool C.
He knows the course now and is really excited about his second round.
And how do I know this? Crack reporting that's how!
Okay I just made that crap up, he didn't message me back after I taunted him about our Scrabble game this morning.
You can see him in this picture. I just don't know where manly due to his propensity to wear hats and dress like a woman while in public, so spotting him from a distance is pretty hard.
My first thought after looking at this picture and some of the others,
"Can you imagine the smell in that gym? I mean with that many damn dirty frisbee throwin' hippies in one place, wow. I guess they could fumigate after the tournament is over."


Fritz said...

Gee thanks for the labels. LOL
I wish I was 10 down!

OkieRover said...

It's all about the love man.
The website shows you 10 down. Give us the low down!

Fritz said...

I am currently 3 down for the tournament.