Tuesday, July 31, 2007

132nd place

Our very own Fritz has returned from the PDGA event in Milwaukee. He finished 132nd with a 3 over par 327 score. I got an exclusive interview over the phone Sunday night.

Glad to hear your back how was it?
It was like going to Mecca except it was in Wisconsin, and there weren't as many religious dudes around, and there were like frisbees there.

3 over par. Where could you have improved?
I think the altitude had a lot to do with my throws. Normally I'm up high like, in the mountains, and this was kinda low, like down by the ocean.

There is no ocean in Milwaukee.
There was once?

Nevermind that. Did you buy any great frisbees while you were there?
Oh yeah man, I got this frisbee that has a dude's ashes in it.

Sure, Ed Headrick, PDGA founder. You are referring to Ed's wish to be cremated and his ashes used in the making of special discs. That would be a great addition to any player's collection.
No, man, it was just some dude. I never heard of him before, but the discs were like really shiney.

Are you looking forward to your next tournament?
Sure man, I love to play. I'd have to say I would quit my job as a ... a... what is it I do again?

I think you are a Senior Marketing Executive.
Oh yah, I forgot. All that schooling in Psychology at Mid City Tech State College, has me all messed up.

We really appreciate all the Daily Dumbasses you post on the site. Where do you get the inspirations?
Well, you know man, I just think of my days as a youngster growing up in the commune and then I Google the thoughts. And lots and lots of stuff similar to what I did back then comes up.

Brilliant, I would have never thought of that approach.
Yah, my dog told me to do that.

Your dog?
Yeah man I had this dream about playing frisbee with my dog and after we were done, he told me that's how I should get the videos.

Excellent. One more question and I'll let you get back to un-packing.
No problem, but I only brought a garbage bag and I already tore it open and unpacked.

That's great. When is your next tournament and will we be able to cover your exciting play?
I'm not sure yet. I'll have to talk to my social agent, and get back to you, but yeah sure man, I'll be taking the 1978 GMC custom van so you can ride along.

Thanks Fritz and good luck.
No sweat man.

Update: Fritz is actually in a picture on the site. I'll save you viewing all the sweaty bohemian hippies and just post it up right here.

Caption for that photo:
I'm not really a "pro disc golfer", I'm actually Fritz's groupie, I'm just looking.
Dude you serious didn't just tell her that frisbee would improve her game.
Fritz: If I stand over by the exit, real quiet, I can observe all the frisbee goodness and not actually talk to anyone.

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Fritz said...

lol, nice "interview". Wonder why they changed the par to all courses par 3. Should have been a par of 337.
Oh well. It was a blast for sure. Very intense. I had the best finish of all the Colorado players in my division. 132 out of 300 is pretty nice.
I wanted top 100 but 132 is fine.

Damn you on the sports that aren't sports.