Monday, June 25, 2007

Dry cleaner wins in missing-pants case

WASHINGTON - A judge on Monday ruled in favor of a dry cleaner that was sued for $54 million over a missing pair of pants in a case that garnered international attention and renewed calls for litigation reform. District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff ruled that the Korean immigrant owners of Custom Cleaners did not violate the city's Consumer Protection Act by failing to live up to Roy L. Pearson's expectations of the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign that was once placed in the store window.
Roy L. Pearson, Jr. should now be DISBARRED. If you want to fuck around with the Judicial System do it in a mock court. Pain and suffering for loosing a pair of pants? You sir are a dumbass.


=HPSF=Jarhead said...

What a fucking asshat. Roy Pearson is a prime example of judicial system being abused and taken up by ridiculous lawsuits.

He should have his license taken away and be made to pay all the store owners legal fees.

Oh and an old fashion "I'm sorry" should also be required.

Anonymous said...

Roy Pearson should have to apologize and work out the dry cleaner for an entire month as well. Maybe that will teach him a little respect and not be such a pompous asshole!